Researches of Russian Industrial markets

Base directions of activity of company ID-Marketing

Researches of market

  • Cars market
    • The Russian market of cranes in 2009 - September 2010
    • The Russian market self-propelled technique: production and imports in January-September 2010
    • The Russian market of spare parts for agricultural machinery in 2009
    • Russian market of combines: 2006-2009
    • The Russian market of agricultural tractors: 2006-2009
    • Russian foreign market cranes: January-August 2009
    • The Russian market graders in 1 st half of 2009
    • The Russian market of buses: 2007 - 1 st half of 2009
  • Russian food market
    • The Russian market of margarine and special fats in 2008-2010
    • The Russian market of starch and treacle in 2009-2010
    • The Russian market is of margarines and special fats in the 2008-1 half of 2010
    • The Russian market of starch and molasses production in 2009 -3 Quarter 2010
    • The Russian market of rice in the 2000-2009
    • The foreign market gluten in 2008 - 3 quarter of 2009
    • The Russian market of mayonnaise in 2008 - 1 quarter 2009
  • Other industrial markets
    • The Russian market of electrical products in 2009-2010: Electric motors and alternators (AC generators)
    • The Russian market of medical glass: 2009- May 2010
    • The Russian market of ferrous metallurgy in 2009-2010: semi-finished non-alloy steel and iron. Scrap Metal
    • The market for medical glass: 2009-May 2010.
    • The russian market of medical glass: 2008-1 half of 2009
The information of our reports helps:

  • Find the buyers of your goods
  • To define sellers of the goods (competitors)
  • To calculate a russian market capacity (for prepearing of the plan of manufacture and sales)
  • To optimize purchases, having received the information on suppliers of raw material and the prices and many other things
Sphere of application of marketing researches of the market

  • The analysis of competitors, their client portfolio, dynamics of deliveries, financial condition and prospects of development
  • Search of new clients, revealing of perspective market niches and directions
  • Define the parts of the market by every basic players, an estimation of a level of demand on the goods, information about the prices and assortment of demanded production
  • Search of alternative suppliers and the coordination of the effective prices
  • Development of the scheme of realization, estimation of investment appeal of branch, the forecast of development of the market and confirmation business-plans
Our advantages

  1. Researches of the market are prepeared on the basis of all accessible sources of the information and most full show a situation on the market (the building market, the market of medical glass, the market of building materials, the market of cars and other industrial markets)
  2. The operational experience of our managers to work with databases will allow to choose optimum parameters of search by prepearing ID - tasks
  3. Individual formats of reports meeting to your requirements
  4. Flexibility of pricing and system of bonuses to constant clients
  5. High efficiency of processing of the information owing to use of unique software products
  6. Our assortment allows to choose various researches
  7. We appreciate our relations with clients very high.
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